Human Trafficking is the plague of the earth. The depravity of human traffickers has reached incredible levels. The numbers of ​victims increase each day. According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are over 20 million victims worldwide. Probably the most painful realization for us is that many of those are children will never be rescued.
We intend to change that! Human trafficking is the third largest illegal ​industry in the world, falling only behind the illegal drug trade and firearms sales. Traffickers use fraudulent means or threats of death to scare the victim into staying, being silent, and being submissive. The torture and bondage breaks the spirit of the victim and they see no way out.  

Victims are kidnapped, often lured by promises of a better future, sold by family members, or taken to pay debts. Some are born into ​the life of bondage and will never know life differently from the domination and abuse that they witness daily. The vast majority of US citizens who are taken and trafficked do not leave the United States. The loss of lives to this despicable crime worldwide is staggering.

The ArcLight Foundations' primary objective is aggressive and proactive not reactive; support of rescuing victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, and forced labor. To provide victims and their families a safe haven, immediate food, clothing, with the professional support they need to heal, recover, and regain a life of normalcy. We support victims of domestic violence, help families locate missing loved ones, and solve cold cases. All of these goals unite under the common theme~  

​  “Defending the Defenseless and Helping Those in Need"


We can and will stop this brutality with your help, by joining with Law Enforcement, other Non-profits, The Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces, and The National and International Anti-Human Trafficking Enterprise. We assist Local, State, Federal, and Tribal, Anti- Human Trafficking Task Forces, and communities as needed. Human Trafficking, in its many forms, is one of the greatest human rights atrocities in the world. We have to work together to end this modern day slavery....
The ArcLight Foundation is proactive. Human Trafficking victims should not suffer any longer than necessary once they are identified. We aggressively and proactively search and locate the victim, in close cooperation and coordination with Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement. It is similar to searching for a needle in a haystack - but we will find them.  We represent the interests of the victims and their families, seek to locate and extradite an immediate rescue of victims. Once a person has been identified as a victim, what happens next will decide their outcome. So many victims fall through the cracks of the system. We begin immediate response to the victims' needs such as medical, psychological, and a safe environment at an unknown location. Our main focus is to save the lives of those suffering at the hands of evil; whether it be forced labor or sexual exploitation. 
The two year program in a state of the art facility for victims (and their families if applicable) will be second to none. The future of The ArcLight Foundation Center is fast approaching.
Finding victims of Human Trafficking is not easy. Most agencies heavily rely on information from the public. "If you see something- say something". Educating the public is essential in the process. Victims are almost always under the radar; placed there by their captives. The lives that could be saved are countless.
​Please join our efforts.

“Hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul
and sings the tune without the words
and never stops at all.”
― Emily Dickinson
The ArcLight Foundation Team is continuously searching for speaking engagement opportunities so we may bring awareness to Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence to as many in public arena as possible.
Whether it is Community Awareness and Safety, Educational Seminars, churches, radio talk shows, or Webinars, we provide information needed and leave the audience with a deeper understanding of the appalling exploitations that occur daily in Human Trafficking.                  

Topics Include:
  • Human Trafficking Basics  
  • ​​​Sexual Exploitation and Forced Labor
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Organ Harvesting
  • Indicators
  • Who Are Traffickers
  • ​Travelling /Airport Safety
  • What Steps to Take If You Suspect Someone is a Victim or Trafficker
  • Legislation

The location of the ArcLight Recovery Centers will be in a remote, tranquil setting offering a variety of recreational activities to include the arts, equine therapy, hiking, camping, and multiple outdoor activities. The facility will have and offer faith based services to all denominations. Families are encouraged to participate early and often, when appropriate. Security for our patients and staff will be unparalleled and the location unlisted.
After the patient has completed needed treatment, they will leave The ArcLight Foundation Center, not just physically and emotionally stable, but with the life skills, education or vocation, and job placement. This will promote a genuine feeling of self- worth with a successful outcome, whereas our client re-enters society with a positive future, not just a survivor, but a someone who thrives! 
The ArcLight Foundation is teaming up with colleges, vocational schools, and employers to help these victims become fully independent when it is in their best interest. As one of the family, when our patients leave, they will forever have "a family" to contact when in need. We hope to break ground this year.
This will be a true place of healing and recovery, and will resemble a 5-star hotel, and college campus more than anything. We will be providing access to whatever faith based services a victim believes in, as well as other coping methodologies such as meditation and yoga. Our large capacity step down housing will be used to house short term victims of domestic violence, until State or Federal resources can be activated. However, our facility will be open 24 hrs. 7 days a week, and can accommodate a little or no notice drop off of a human trafficking victim or domestic violence victim with family if required.
The facility will have the best in security features and all people housed there will have the best possible protection, the best instruction, and the best clinical treatment staff available. Bottom line...we will accept nothing less than the best for these victims.  

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